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BACK TO SCHOOL: Experts say active learning is the best way for kids to study

MADISON (WKOW) — Students have so many different techniques to study, but experts say not all study strategies are created equal.

“Finding and identifying the key study strategies that work for you will give you more bang for your buck,” Mitchell Nathan, a professor for learning sciences at UW-Madison said.

Nathan suggested active learning strategies for students of all ages. Those strategies include activities like game based learning or making flashcards. He said the reason these strategies work best is because they emphasize self-testing.

“Research shows that self-testing facilitates the most learning and can be the difference between an A and a B student or a B and a C student,” Nathan said.

If students are making flashcards, Nathan said students can make them by hand or using an app. He also encourages students to be honest with themselves when they’re studying. This helps students retain and understand the material better.

He said students should stay away from techniques like highlighting and underlining notes since they’re not as productive as students might think.

“It turns out to be something that takes a lot of time cause you’re reading through all the material and deciding what to highlight or underline,” Nathan said.

“You actually get very little learning benefits from it, making it a high time low benefit strategy.”

Nathan also suggested students review new concepts they’ve learned over time, rather than cramming all the lessons in the night before test day.

Jessica Porter

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