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UW-Madison professor develops Kindness Curriculum

MADISON (WKOW) — The rates of bullying, substance abuse, anxiety and depression are growing among teens and even pre-teens. Now a psychology professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison believes he has found something that can decrease the likelihood of some of these problems emerging. You just have to start at a young age.

Preschoolers learn the alphabet and numbers as preschoolers. Dr. Richard Davidson, Director of Center for Health Minds developed the mindfulness-based Kindness Curriculum for preschoolers to help them pay closer attention to their emotions. He also found that the kids learning the Kindness Curriculum had a better attention span, better grades and showed a higher level of social competence.

“So part of the curriculum involves being able to tune into sensations in the body and learn to identify them and respond to them in an appropriate way,” said Davidson.

He added that it doesn’t have to be only limited to schools. There are simple strategies that parents can try at home. Click here if you’re interested in checking out the Kindness Curriculum. It’s available in both English and Spanish.

Matthew Cash

Senior Executive Producer

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