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Man accused of using camera to look up women’s skirts

MADISON (WKOW) — A Madison man has been charged with two counts of invasion of privacy after police said he was using a camera to try and look up women’s skirts in an east side grocery store.

According to court documents obtained by 27 News, police officers were called to the Woodman’s Grocery Store on Aug. 28 for reports of a suspicious person.

An employee with loss prevention called the police to report that he’d seen a man that appeared to be taking pictures of women while they were shopping.

The man was later identified as Laduma Nguyuza. According to Madison police, Nguyuza was caught on security footage putting a Go Pro into a shopping basket, and then positioning the basket underneath women’s skirts.

Stephanie, who asked that her last name not be used due to the sensitive nature of the case, was one of the alleged victims.. She told 27 News that she didn’t know what happened until she was checking out, and the employee with loss prevention approached her.

She said he showed her a still from the footage and asked if it was her.

“I said that was me,” she told 27 News. “I remembered exactly where I was. I remembered being in the aisle with that man. But that was the first I saw in the picture that there was something [in the basket].”

She said that at first, she was shocked. But then the shock gave way to anger.

“It makes me very angry that there are people out there who are willing to do this and go to these lengths to degrade and humiliate women or others wearing skirts,” said Stephanie.

27 News went to the address listed in online court records as Nguyuza’s address, but no one answered the door.

According to court documents, he admitted to being a photographer but denied using the Go Pro to take photos of the women without their consent. Police said they did find a Go Pro and cell phone on him, but he did not consent to a search.

Stephanie said she believes others need to acknowledge this kind of behavior when they see it in their friends and family.

“The issue is men being held accountable. I think people need to listen and see what their friends are doing, especially men to men,” she said. “Keep women safe from the get go. Don’t put up with that behavior.”

Nguyuza’s next court date is September 30.

Sara Maslar-Donar

Reporter, WKOW 27 News

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