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Alders listen to neighborhood concerns about F-35 jets

MADISON (WKOW) — The process to bring F-35 fighter jets to Madison takes another step forward tomorrow.

But before that several city alders met with their neighbors to see what they think about the proposal.

The alders hosted a listening session tonight at Sherman Middle School.

Truax Field in Madison is one of two preferred sites for the new fighter jets.

They would create more noise than the current F-16’s at Truax, which is one point of concern for some homeowners.

“Most of the feedback that I’ve gotten from people in support primarily say it doesn’t bother them much, the noise today,” said Grant Foster, District 15 Alder.

“They think it won’t be a big deal. I’ve heard from a lot more people that feel like the noise today is really significant. A lot of descriptions of how it affects people’s lives trying to run businesses out of their homes, and they’re deeply concerned with how it’s going to get significantly worse,” he said.

The alders will take the feedback to the National Guard at its open house tomorrow.



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