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Flash floods cover neighborhood near Prairie du Chien in mud, debris

PRAIRIE DU CHIEN (WKOW) — Communities hit by flash flooding, storms and heavy rain are dealing with the messy and muddy aftermath.

Water rushed through the Angelina Estates subdivision near Prairie du Chien Thursday night. The cause: debris blocked the culvert at Sugarloaf Trail, leaving the water with nowhere to go but over streets and properties.

“Oh it was terrible, just gushing,” Deb Fishler, who lives in the neighborhood, said. “I thought if anyone was in that, they could have died.”

As flash floods pummeled Angelina Estates, Fishler was in her home with her grandchildren.

“My grandson said ‘Grandma, you gotta look outside. There’s no road,” she said. “So I looked out and it was just gushing.”

She has lived in that neighborhood for 8 years. In that time she’s seen flooding a few times, but it had never gotten close to her home. This time her basement was quickly flooded.

“We’ll have to tear up the carpet and some of the drywall,” she said.

Fishler said the damage just adds insult to injury.

“I cried last night,” she said. “I’ve been taking care of my mother with dementia and she just fell and broke her hip, so this was kind of just the last straw. But as my daughter told me, ‘Don’t worry mom, it’s just stuff’.”

Neighbors say the damage outside was much worse than any of the damage inside. The flash floods tore up some of the blacktop and they don’t know how long cleanup will take.

“It’s definitely muddy, it’ll take a while to dry out,” Chad Baumeister, who lives across the street from Fishler, said. “I think this is the third time this has actually happened but this is probably the worst, I guess.”

Baumeister said he only got an inch and a half of water in his basement, mostly because his sump pump couldn’t keep up.

He still has some cleanup ahead of him. “We’re squeegeeing the floors, washing the floors and we gotta rip up some carpet,” Baumeister said.

The city is asking Prairie du Chien residents with damaged items in their home to put waterlogged items out on the curb and they’ll be collected until at least Tuesday.

Francisco Almenara

Reporter, WKOW

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