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Madison man accused of cutting window screens to enter apartments near downtown

MADISON (WKOW) — A burglar prompted a few calls to police after the allegedly cutting window screens near UW-Madison’s campus early Friday morning.

Officers arrested 19-year-old Shan K. Daley, Madison, near the 100 block of North Mills St. at the Campus Village apartments. He faces three counts of burglary and four more of attempted burglary, according to a Madison Police Department incident report.

Erin Samels said her apartment was one of ones he targeted. A sophomore at UW-Madison, Samels said she and her roommates are just a month into their first year living in their off-campus apartment so the intrusion came as a wake up call.

“It’s still a scary experience,” she said.

Samels said she was fast asleep during the intrusion, but her roommate woke up when the burglar tried to open a window next to her bed around 3:19 a.m.

The intruder could not get inside because the woman’s headboard blocked the window. Samels said the burglar then broke the screen to their living room window and entered there.

“He walked into each of our bedrooms with his flashlight and just kind of looked in the room and walked out,” she said.

When he entered her roommate’s room, she spoke to the intruder asking him if he was one of her roommates. She said that scared him off, and she followed him into the hallway before calling the police.

Samels said nothing appeared to be stolen from their apartment.

According to police that wasn’t the last apartment Daley allegedly targeted.

In the next building, Taryn Rogers said she woke up to police at her door and her screen ripped out of her window.

“When we got down there it was just like, the window was wide open and we were like okay that’s kind of scary,” she said.

Rogers said police don’t believe the suspect ever made it inside the apartment but he did steal a few things on her table near the door.

“My laptop charger was gone, but my laptop and my whole backpack and my wallet and my keys to the apartment were all sitting on the table with it,” she said.

Police set up a perimeter and found Daley, who authorities say, “smelled of intoxicants.”

People living nearby reported a few things missing including a potted plant which was found and returned to its owner.

Samels said she feels more comfortable knowing the suspect was arrested but she and her roommates still plan to take extra precautions for the rest of their time at the apartments.

“The screens are back on, the windows are going to locked tonight I think we’re going to be back to normal pretty soon,” she said.

The property owners, JSM said they had eight total reports of broken screens and they will finish replacing them over the weekend. They also sent out a reminder to residents that in the wake of these events, they should double check that their doors and windows are locked.

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