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The Bodgery prepares for grand opening at Oscar Mayer site

MADISON (WKOW) — Two years after the Oscar Mayer plant shut down in Madison, production has picked up again, though not hot dogs this time.

The sound of work being done, echoes again at Oscar Mayer.

This time making just about anything.

“Pretty much whatever your mind can imagine, we try to have the tools for you to be able to do that,” John Eich, Bodgery Board President, said.

The Bodgery set up shop in June and members have spent all summer getting everything into place for a grand opening later this month.

“It’s gotten to a point where we’re ready to open up the doors and show the community,” Eich said.”So we’re really pleased to throw a party, invite them in and see what they think of the space.”

As a community workshop, anyone can come in and work twice a week and use almost everything for free.

A $50 a month membership will get you in 24/7 and you can use every tool available.

While they’re excited to have so much space to get to work, Bodgery founders and members are also glad to be breathing life back into this former Oscar Mayer shop.

“For the longest time this was a kind of industrial setting in the city where a lot of people did a lot of skilled work,” James Pittman, one of the founders, said. “When they left, that left a very big gap. To be able to set up our shop in Oscar Mayers’s shop is kind of poetic in a way.”

Chris Noble was one of many members working in the space Saturday.

He was building a bedside table by hand.

He says the best part about having this space is the community it builds around it.

“I think this is, especially in a world where hand skills or general information tends to be stratified, it’s nice to be able to ask someone and have them be able to help you, so I think it’s great!”

The Bodgery originally opened at another location 5 years ago.

The grand opening for new space will be Saturday the 21 from noon to 5.

They’ll be open for guests to stop on by Monday and Friday evenings this week.

Francisco Almenara

Reporter, WKOW

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