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Tentative agreement reached in cost-of-living increase for Madison teachers

MADISON (WKOW) —  The Madison School District has tentatively agreed to a cost-of-living base wage increase after Madison Teachers Incorporated got thousands of people to sign a petition, according to the union.

On Tuesday, the district agreed to a 2.44 percent cost-of-living base wage increase for its teachers. This, after 4,000 signatures for the change were presented.

The Tentative Agreement on the terms and conditions of the 2019-20 Collective Bargaining Agreements cover all MTI bargaining units. With our Tentative Agreement, the District agrees to provide a cost-of-living base wage increase of 2.44% to all MTI-represented employees.

The wage increase cannot take effect until ratified by the union membership and the school district.

A contract ratification meeting for the union is scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 19.

Gloria Reyes, president of the school board, issued the following statement.

“The board acknowledges the value of our staff and always wants to fully support them. As we worked through our budget decisions, we have had to take a thoughtful approach to how we can fully support our staff, and be responsible stewards of our budget. We are pleased that we have found a way to provide that support in the full 2.44 increase in base salary.”



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