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Farmers, volunteers get involved in Farm Aid 2019

EAST TROY (WKOW) — Organizers have been busy all week getting ready for Farm Aid 2019 at Alpine Valley, to raise money for farmers and support the struggling industry.

Farm Aid isn’t just a concert, it’s a festival, and organizers hope it will also be a classroom for people who don’t know much about what goes into farming.

At the Home Grown Village exhibit, people will have a chance to get hands on with farming.

There will be demonstrations, animals, and farmers who will share their stories and teach people what they do every day to bring food to people.

It’ll be set up throughout the entire day-long festival, bringing people together as they support local farmers.

“We’ve encouraged people, through social media and various announcements, that we’ll make, to go up to farmers and talk to them,” said Jessica Kurn, Communications and Marketing Manager for Farm Aid. “There’s tables set up, where working farmers will be and people can ask them questions.”

One of those will be staffed by Randy and Zena Jasper, from Muscoda. They run a farm and say the economy and industry has been tough for many farmers.

“We’re the ones who make the food. And we’re in a bad situation right now and we’d like your support and understanding and talk to your neighbors about it. Because we really do need to figure out what what has to be done to change this to turn it around,” Zena told 27 News.

They’re hoping to share that message with the people who eat the food they grow. They’ve spoken at three Farm Aid events.

“They’re a pretty captive audience because they want to know what’s going on. And you have the opportunity to explain to them what’s going on,” Randy said.

They’re some of the more than 400 people volunteering their time from Wisconsin and across the U.S. to help make Farm Aid a reality.

Plus, the artists put on the shows for free, too.

“I think it’s pretty special that the artists volunteer their time,” said volunteer coordinator Sophie Friedman. “They bring themselves and their crews and here I have all these local people who are also doing the same, so really just from the ground level of this event it’s all volunteer based.”

Click here for more information on Farm Aid and the current situation for farmers right now, Wisconsin’s Dairyland at a Crossroads.

Jennifer Kliese

Weekend Anchor and Reporter, 27 News

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