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Start New Indoor Plants with Cane Cuttings

(WKOW) — Gardeners never like to give up on a plant, whether it’s your own or one you purchased on sale in need of some major TLC.

Revive a declining dieffenbachia with a bit of pruning and start a few new plants from cane cuttings.

Dieffenbachias often lose their lower leaves, resulting in long leafless stems topped with just a few leaves.

Rejuvenate these plants by cutting the stem back to several inches above the soil surface. The remaining plant will sprout new growth.

Next, cut the leafless stem into 2-inch sections containing at least one bud or node, the point where a leaf was growing. Allow the cutting to dry for several hours.

Fill a shallow container with a well-drained potting mix. Lay the stem sections on their sides so the bottom half is covered and the top bud exposed.

Place in a warm bright location and keep the soil moist until new growth appears.

You can save the leafy top of the plant by removing and rooting the leafy portion of the stem.

Gardeners can also try air layering. This propagation method temporarily leaves the plant somewhat intact. Just make a slit part way into the stem, sprinkle with rooting hormone and cover with moss and plastic to encourage roots to form.

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