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Neighbors concerned about violence in Northport Drive neighborhood

MADISON (WKOW) — Saturday evening police swarmed the Ridgecrest Apartments in Madison during a dinner-time shooting.

Multiple rounds killed Sun Prairie 19-year-old Malik Moss with children and a playground nearby.

As police search for the men they believe carried out the homicide, people who live nearby worry about their own safety.

“I feel like when I’m over here, I have to stand in the window to make sure that I can see my children, they right there, they’re safe,” Jasmine Mosby said.

Mosby’s mother lives in the neighborhood, and she often brings her five children to visit their grandmother.

She can’t say exactly where the shooting occurred but knows it happened near the playground in the complex. Her biggest concern is how close it was to where children play.

“Someone you know, shooting out wild and could end up hitting a child,” she said. “That’s nerve-wracking like I said, I have four that be back there playing.”

So far this year, there have been four shots fired incidents in and around the same neighborhood, including one where a woman was hit by a random bullet in August.

“They choose violence like it’s a hobby or something,” Mosby said. “It’s not nothing to be playing with joking around, it’s not safe, period.”

For her family, the best choice is just to leave.

“We have a smart intelligent mother so she’s already on that game of saying, it’s definitely time to move,” she said.

The same apartment complex had a fatal home invasion in 2017 and another shooting right nearby last March.

Those and the other shots fired calls have all contributed to Mosby’s mother wanting to move

Francisco Almenara

Reporter, WKOW

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