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Driver attacks bicyclist after being ‘flipped off,’ police say

MADISON (WKOW) — A bicyclist admits he “flipped off” a driver Thursday night after the motorist revved the engine of his car and came up fast behind him, nearly striking his bike.

The driver, having been given the finger, parked his car and attacked the biker, punching him multiple times in the head at the intersection with State Street, according to a Madison Police Department incident report.

The victim was “terrified” and feared he was about to be “knocked out,” the bicyclist told police.

Fortunately, passersby came to his aid, breaking up the assault.

Officers were on the scene seconds later.

The suspect was sill yelling at the injured victim, and proceeded to resist police, telling officers they were “weak” and he would “beat” them.

The spectacle attracted many onlookers many of whom recorded the arrest on cellphones, according to police. The victim suffered a couple of bumps to the head, but did not wish to go to a hospital.

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Dan Plutchak

Social Media and Digital Content Manager, 27 News

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