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Ms. Wheelchair Wisconsin focuses on abilities

MADISON (WKOW) —  A Madison woman is rolling through life with a purpose.

Autumn Neugent is currently Ms. Wheelchair Wisconsin. With the title comes a chance for her to inform people of all of the things people in wheelchairs can do.

“This wheelchair does not hold me back, honestly it allows me to actively participate in life,” she said.

Neugent says she participates in downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, water skiing and martial arts.

“The fact that society sees it [using a wheelchair] as a negative baffles me,” Autumn said passionately. “Without this I am disabled. With this, I am able to do all the things I am able to do.”

She will pass over her crown in November. To learn more about the pageant or to get involved, check out the Facebook page run by Autumn and her team.


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