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Locked car broken into, two cars stolen in Madison

MADISON (WKOW) — A Madison family is missing two cars after burglars broke in to their home Thursday morning.

Unlike a majority of the stolen car cases in Madison, the homeowners say everything was locked up.

“No shattering of windows or anything like that,” said Reynaldo Leon Peralta, whose car was broken into first.

On the surface, two stolen vehicles in Madison seems like an almost daily occurrence, but for the Leon Peraltas, they’re not sure how it happened to them.

They were certain they had locked their car doors before going to bed, however the burglars were still able to break into Reynaldo’s car, steal the garage door opener and then get inside the house.

Yisela Leon Peralta, Reynaldo’s mom, and her husband were out of the house at the time of the burglary on Wintergreen Drive, but their children, two adults and two who are younger, were inside sleeping.

Reynaldo, the oldest, says he heard their two dogs barking and didn’t think much of it, since they often bark.

When his parents got back, they noticed two of their three cars were stolen, along with a laptop, multiple keys and even a box of wine glasses.

But the only thing taken from Reynaldo’s car, was the garage door opener.

“Gym gear, shoes that were pretty expensive, headphones that were really expensive were still there,” he said. “So it just looks like they left everything of value.”

Their neighbors have cameras that cover the Leon Peralta’s house too, but they seemed to stop working right at the time the burglary happened.

“In the same scene you can see the car being there and then it cuts to it being completely gone,” Reynaldo said.

They already take home security seriously, with extra locks and motion sensor lights, but now they’re planning to get cameras to add that extra layer.

“I’m glad they didn’t hurt my kids and we’re okay, but this is very scary,” Yisela said.

She hopes that after this, things in her neighborhood change.

“I would appreciate it if the city would take more consideration to put more lights up on the street and more security,” Yisela said.

The family believes they were targeted after someone tried to steal one of their cars last month.

Francisco Almenara

Reporter, WKOW

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