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Willy Street Co-op attempts Fairtrade world record

MIDDLETON (WKOW) — Willy Street Co-op is attempting to breaking a world record.

The co-op’s Middleton location hopes to put together the world’s largest display of fair trade produce using bananas and avocados.

The Fairtrade International system has four main components:

  • Minimum Price: For all Fairtrade products, farmers are guaranteed a minimum price for the products they grow, regardless of the whims of the global market.
  • Environmental Standards: Fairtrade standards include an emphasis on maintaining the health of the ecosystems and communities where Fairtrade products are grown. Soil health, water conservation, resilience to climate change, and habitat preservation are all included.
  • Working Conditions: These standards include things like gender equality, adequate facilities for workers, paid maternity leave, and the right of association of workers.
  • Premium: Fairtrade products all have a monetary premium that is paid to the growers above and beyond the Minimum Price. This amount varies by country and commodity.

This premium money is given back to farmers to be used on community projects that better the farmers and farmworkers, their families, and their communities.

“Fair trade produce is not something you find in every grocery store, and it’s something we’ve really sought out here at Willy Street,” said Purchasing Director Megan Minnick. “The more we sell, the greater impact we have in those communities.”

With this event, Willy Street Co-op is announcing their plan to source Fairtrade certified avocados as their primary supply. The Co-op is already selling Fairtrade bananas.

Willy Street Co-op said 1.6 million farmers and workers are part of the Fairtrade network.


Emily Friese

27 News Producer

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