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Bob Lindmeier honored with ‘Silver Circle’ Emmy Award

MILWAUKEE (WKOW) – Chief Meteorologist Bob Lindmeier is being honored with a lifetime achievement award from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

The Silver Circle Honor is given to broadcasters who make continuous, lasting contributions to their industry and community for more than 25 years.

It was given out Sunday at a brunch banquet in Milwaukee.

Southern Wisconsin viewers have trusted Lindmeier on WKOW for the past 40 years as he tracked tornado outbreaks, historic flooding and paralyzing blizzards.

“The incredible thing I really admire about Bob is the great trust that our viewers have in him,” said Terry Kelly, former president of Weather Central.

Lindmeier got his start at that private forecasting company, Weather Central, where meteorologists drew weather maps by hand, then were at the forefront of forecasting technology.

“It started here in Madison, the first broadcast computer systems were originated here,” Lindmeier said.

That technology has drastically improved, forecasting severe weather, like the Stoughton tornado. Lindmeier was tracking it on air with radar.

“I’ve always taken the responsibility of tracking severe weather very seriously because we can be life savers, literally,” he said.

In recent years, Lindmeier has turned his attention to climate change education outreach. He works closely with the Citizen’s Climate Lobby to host events discussing the impacts of global warming and what needs to be done to combat it.

“One thing he talks about is why does he do it and he shows a picture of his grandchildren and he’s like this is why I do it, because of the future,” Lindmeier’s son Brandon said.

Lindmeier says he feels lucky and fortunate to have spent 40 years helping keep people safe in southern Wisconsin.

“I think that’s what it comes down to, giving back. I’ve been very rewarded in my career,” he said.

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