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Charity dinner promoted online at Masonic Center is a scam, police say

MADISON (WKOW) — Did you have plans to attend the Bright Lights charity dinner at Madison’s Masonic Center? Beware, it’s a scam.

The events manager for the Madison Masonic Center, 301 Wisconsin Ave., contacted the MPD after discovering con artists are using the Masonic Center as part of an internet scam, according to a Madison police incident report.

Criminals fabricated a nonprofit organization called “Safe Space Relief” and group’s website is promoting a “Little Bright Lights Charity Dinner'” at the Madison Masonic Center.

The cost is $250 a couple, and donations were being accepted through a fake website.

The Madison Masonic Center events manager says this is all bogus and she fears people might donate and show up for an event that does exist, although the website does not currently list a date for the “dinner.”

The events manager says it appears crooks pirated an old menu from the Madison Masonic Center, which is now posted as part of the “dinner” promotion.

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