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Family searching for answers after dog shot

OXFORD (WKOW) — A family in Marquette County is mourning the loss of their dog after he was shot over the weekend.

Nicholas Gray said their 13-year-old spaniel, Buddy, was known to roam the properties surrounding their home. They had been trying to keep him close lately so that he wasn’t trespassing.

He unexpectedly wandered off on Friday.

“I thought he was gone,” said Gray. “I talked to my son, you know, old dogs wander off to not bother the family.”

On Monday, someone who lives nearby called him. They found buddy on the side of a road about half a mile from Gray’s home.

When Gray arrived, he started talking to Buddy. That’s when the dog started showing signs of life.

“He heard my voice,” said Gray. “He got up and his tail started wagging.”

The Adams-Marquette Veterinary Service confirmed to 27 News Wednesday that x-rays showed Buddy had been shot at close range.

They recommended Gray take the dog to another vet because they weren’t able to treat the severity of his injuries.

But bad news came from a vet in Madison: Buddy would be blind for the rest of his life and have to undergo surgery that may or may not be successful.

Gray’s son, who was Buddy’s de-facto owner, made the difficult decision to put him down.

“It takes a real strong man to make that decision,” said Gray. “I’m proud of him. He didn’t want Buddy to suffer anymore.”

Now they are looking for someone to step up and admit to shooting their dog.

“Doesn’t matter who did it, it was wrong,” said Gray. “But now Buddy’s gone and I think whoever did something like this should be recognized.”

He spoke with law enforcement officers Tuesday night but at this point he said he’s not sure anything can be done unless someone comes forward.

Sara Maslar-Donar

Reporter, WKOW 27 News

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