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Tenant Resource Center ends help for people outside of Dane County after funding drops

MADISON (WKOW) — The Tenant Resource Center will no longer assist people living outside of Dane County after losing out on state and federal grants, administrators announced Tuesday.

The organization has lost the federal and state funding it needs to provide help to people living in other areas of Wisconsin, according to Executive Director Robin Sereno.

Sereno says the previous executive director was let go in a way that did not allow the resource center to ensure applications for federal and state funding wouldn’t be missed.

The Tenant Resource Center needs to replenish approximately $200,000 in funding to afford to pay the staff needed to work those cases. Sereno says they receive about 100 calls per day from people outside of Dane County and there is currently a backlog of roughly 1,500 cases that have amassed over the past 11 months.

“We are both saddened and disappointed that we can not provide these valuable services to all residents of Wisconsin, as we have done for decades. We truly want to do the work to help people with their rental housing issues and questions, but we simply cannot do it for free,” the TRC statement said.

The center receives funding from private donors, grants, the city of Madison, and Dane County, which is why it can still afford to provide services for Dane County cases, Sereno says.


Kevin Boughton

Senior executive producer, 27 News

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