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Parties in Wisconsin capitalizing on Trump Impeachment Inquiry

MADISON (WKOW) — As all members of the House had to vote for or against the impeachment inquiry, Democrats and Republicans in the state are using the topic as leverage to increase voter turnout.

While several other topics such as health care, the economy, and jobs are important to voters before heading to the polls many have been consumed by the impeachment inquiry.

In October, Washington Post/ABC News poll found 58% of Americans support the House of Representatives’ impeachment inquiry while 38% disapprove.

What these numbers show is the more information the American people find out, the more they disapprove of Donald Trump’s actions,” said Philip Shulman, a spokesman for Wisconsin’s Democratic Party. 

But a statewide poll tells a different story. This month, Marquette University Law School poll shows most Wisconsinites disapprove of the impeachment hearings, 46% believe there’s enough cause for impeachment hearings against Trump while 49% say there isn’t.

“I think the American people see through this, he didn’t break any laws and there’s no reason for impeachment or removal for office,” said Mark Jefferson, Executive Director for the Republican Party of Wisconsin. “I think the backlash over this will really come back to haunt them.”

In April only 29% of Wisconsinites approved of impeachment hearings, a 17% increase over six months. While support is on the rise, Jefferson said it won’t matter a year from now. 

He referenced former president Bill Clinton’s impeachment proceedings. In 1998, Democrats worried it would fire up the Republican party, but turned out to be a disappointment to Republicans who were expecting to gain seats in the midterm. Republicans lost five seats but retained a narrow majority in the House.

“They thought the Clinton impeachment proceedings would create this big groundswell of support for Republicans and the 1998 cycle didn’t turn out so well for our side,” said Jefferson. “I think the Democrats are in a big surprise a year from now.”

Shulman believes as the impeachment inquiry continues and more details are revealed he believes support will only grow in their favor.

“What Democrats are doing is they’re going on a fact-finding mission, they are trying to figure out to what extent the president was involved and what he was trying to accomplish,” said Shulman.

Emilee Fannon

Capital Bureau Chief

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