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Tree cutting vandal sought by Prairie du Chien police

PRAIRIE DU CHIEN (WKOW) Authorities in Prairie du Chien asking for tips tip help them solve a different form of vandalism: cutting down trees.

The so-far elusive culprit or culprits felled four trees on Oct. 29 and then another Nov. 4, Crawford County Crime Stoppers said on Facebook. All of the trees grew on St. Feriole Island along Villa Louis Road near Rolette Street.

Whoever is cutting the trees seems to either use a chainsaw or handsaw and leaves the saplings behind. All of the trunks appear are between four and six inches in diameter, authorities said.

Tire marks leading to the felled tree make investigators believe the person arrives and leaves in a vehicle.

Anyone with information about who is vandalizing the property is asked to call the Prairie du Chien Police Department at 608-326-2421 or Crawford County Crime Stoppers at 608-326-8933.

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