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Social media bully page has Stoughton parents searching for solutions

STOUGHTON (WKOW) — Some Stoughton parents feel trapped, saying their kids are bombarded with online harassment and mocking on what they describe as a social media “hate” page.

Now, the Instagram page is under investigation for allegedly cyberbullying students from the area.

Darcy Lalimo’s daughter called her Wednesday night, in tears, after being the most recent target of a cyberbullying spree.

“She was embarrassed and hurt and frustrated,” Lalimo said.

The Instagram page, initially called stoughton.hate.6, has been renamed multiple times, seemingly to avoid being shut down by Instagram.

Posts show a photo of a student, and when you swipe right, parents say there is a second image meant to make fun of the student.

“There were a lot of kids on that page, some of them may have been aware, some of them might not even know that they’re on that page,” Lalimo said.

Nicki Tremain-Woodcock’s children – who have been cyberbullied in the past – have also been targeted by this Instagram user.

“I have always taught my kids to celebrate our differences. It’s been first and foremost, and to love who we are,” Tremain-Woodcock said. “How can I help them to love who they are, when we have stuff like this going on?”

Lalimo did attempt to get the page removed from Instagram, but was unsuccessful, receiving a message saying the page was reviewed and didn’t go against the community guidelines.

In the community guidelines, Instagram states that “We remove content that … Targets private individuals to degrade or shame them.”

27 News reached out to Instagram and they said they’re looking into it.

All the moms want is the bullying to stop.

“It’s my job as a mom to help my daughter and make sure this is eliminated and shut down and stopped,” Lalimo said.  “Just that these children are educated about the impact that they’re causing.”

She says the page is still up, but under a new name.

She reached out to the Stoughton Area School District for help, which has a no cyberbullying policy.

School officials say they were made aware of the page Wednesday and handed off information to local law enforcement.

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Social Media and Digital Content Manager, 27 News

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