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Early snowfall is keeping businesses busy

DANE COUNTY (WKOW) — While Wisconsinites are used to the cold weather, snow in November isn’t typical.

The early season snowfall caught some people off guard, and is now keeping businesses pretty busy.

“Even though we are prepared for snow at any time but it did come a lot earlier than what we were anticipating,” said Kory Alt, owner of Alt’s Operation in Fitchburg.

The private plow and landscaping company is adjusting to the winter weather, but luckily their machines were ready to roll.

“We can flip from summer maintenance to winter, we’re pretty quick,” said operations manager Tyler Nelson.

But while their equipment is ready, they’re still getting used to the schedule. It wears on them, but they’re making it work.

“Like today, we’re on a Packers Sunday, we’re here getting ready for snow removal tomorrow morning when usually we’d be coming in tomorrow morning ready to do our job whether it’s fall clean ups or landscaping or whatever it is,” Alt told 27 News Sunday evening.

Alt’s will take to the roads at 3 a.m. to start plowing for customers. Alt said that in 2018, their last landscaping job was Dec. 23.

“December 23 is still a month and a half away so I hope we do get more time,” he said.

The Bruce Company in Middleton is also keeping busy with shoppers who are getting into the holiday spirit, thanks to the snow.

“It almost really helps because when the weather’s nice, people aren’t in the frame of mind or mood to be thinking about the holidays,” said manager Lisa Briggs.

For those who are feeling festive already, they can start buying live wreaths or garland. Briggs said there are ways to keep them fresh all season, even until Valentine’s Day.

The product “Wilt Pruf,” which is a pine resin spray sold in many garden centers, can keep holiday plants from drying out too early.

“You can spray this on and let it dry,” she said. “Then what it does is seals up the needles, preventing things from drying out.”

Despite Mother Nature’s curveball, these businesses aren’t freezing up under pressure.

“We just deal with what we get and make the best of it,” said Briggs.

Alt and Nelson acknowledged that this is just how things are in Wisconsin.

“We gotta be prepared at all times,” said Nelson.

Sara Maslar-Donar

Reporter, WKOW 27 News

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