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Stoughton high school students fight cyberbullying with love

STOUGHTON (WKOW) — While they’re all anonymous, identified by a number and a colored heart, four Stoughton High School students are trying to make a difference in their school.

“We just really want to spread the positivity in a world with so much hate right now,” Admin 3, one of the four, said.

Their page came as a reaction to the stoughton.hate.6 Instagram page that, encouraged kids to make fun of each other.

“There were some people who thought it was amusing, and that’s kinda sickening to think about,” Admin 3 said.

The admins, and many others, were disgusted by the lengths their classmates were going to point out their flaws.

“Everyone has them and most people know what they are,” Admin 3 said. “You don’t need to be pointing them out, you should be pointing out the good things and the things that you love about people, and that’s what we’re aiming to do with the page.”

Like the Stoughton hate page, they anonymously post pictures of students.

But that’s the only thing they have in common.

They only do so with consent from the person, and leave them a nice message.

“It’s kind of nice to receive an anonymous compliment like ‘People really think that about me?’ and not having a biased opinion because of who I am or who the other admins are,” Admin 3 said.

The quartet of admins say bullying isn’t taken seriously enough at their school.

“People ignore it, they don’t really think about it until it affects them, and that’s why this page is important because it’s really bringing light to the kind of stuff that people don’t talk about at the high school,” Admin 4 said.

They felt that their generation had a better awareness of mental health and the Stoughton hate page was taking advantage of it to hurt people.

Their goal was the opposite.

“Just help those no matter who they are and what they’re going through, just trying to help everyone with their mental state and really make their days,” Admin 4 said.

27 News reached out to Instagram to see what was being done about the bullying page.

They tell us most of the pages they’re aware of have been taken down.

The school district says it passed along information on its investigation to local law enforcement.

Francisco Almenara

Reporter, WKOW

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