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Madison West investigating hate speech Instagram account

MADISON (WKOW) — School officials at Madison West High School are investigating an Instagram account that they say was filled with hate speech.

The account came to the district’s attention last Friday and has since been taken down, according to the district.

Principal Karen Boran sent this letter to parents:

Dear West community, students and families,

You may be aware of an Instagram page created this week filled with hate speech.

This came to our attention on Friday morning.  While the page has been taken down, many alumni, families and students have seen or shared screen shots of the page and are rightfully concerned.

On Friday morning, we immediately began an investigation, including consultation and collaboration with School Resource Officer Creech. We are now taking all appropriate steps with those involved.

I want to emphasize that, contrary to information circulating on social media, this was not created by “a group of West High Students” (as the page stated).

Our investigation indicates that this was much more isolated in scope.

The beliefs and images on this page were hateful, go against everything we believe and are contrary to the environment we create together every day at West.

It is heartbreaking to see our school connected with these vile images and comments on social media.

I want you to know that we are aware and are working with district staff and MPD to ensure all appropriate actions are taken. I would also ask that, as a community, we work together to avoid perpetuating the harm caused by this page by not continuing to share it.

I also want to acknowledge that, while the page was removed from Instagram, we know that one hate-filled page is only a symptom of a deep and deadly prejudice that doesn’t disappear when an Instagram page does. We know we need to continually combat bigotry for the safety of every single person in our community.

On Monday, we plan to have discussions and resources available about hate speech, bias and bigotry. I am including links to some of these resources below.


Karen Boran, principal
West High School


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