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Madison woman says flag shredded on Veterans Day, home spray painted

MADISON (WKOW) – A Madison woman is incredulous and angry over a vandal shredding her home’s American flag on Veterans Day.

“And you don’t know how sad that made me that they took November 11 – Veterans Day – to prove a point that they care nothing for our flags, nothing for our veterans,”  Brigitte Buchmeier says.

A Trump campaign flag outside Buchmeier’s home was also vandalized.  One side of her East Washington Avenue home was spray painted with graffiti to include the word “racist” in large letters.

Buchmeier says this is not the first time her political views have made her property a target.  “For instance, Governor Walker ran, my (yard) signs were ripped up and torn up all the time,”  she says.  But Buchmeier says the Veterans Day vandalism took such incidents to a new height.  “I was just crushed that they trampled on my American spirit and my love for this country and all the veterans that it signifies.”

While her neighbor Po Ivey does not share Buchmeier’s political views, he’s disturbed she was singled out for the vandalism.  “She’s a nice person,’  Ivey says. “I think that whoever saw that made assumptions, a lot of assumptions and probably haven’t met her before. I’d say it’s just as hateful an act as being racist,”  Ivey says.

Buchmeier says she worries intimidation tactics against her could escalate.  But she refuses to end her practice of flag-flying.  “Oh no, everything’s going back up.  They can’t take away my right to do what in my heart I feel is right.”

Buchmeier posted what happened to her flags and home on social media, and says she’s received overwhelming support from across country, including people offering to drive from several states away to clean off the graffiti.  She says she’s received many offers to replace her flags.

A Madison Police spokesperson says the acts of vandalism are being investigated.

In the meantime, Buchmeier plans to continues to wear her politics and patriotism on her sleeve.  “This is everybody’s country.”

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Tony Galli

Reporter, WKOW

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