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Search for suspects after more than 30 gunshots in Madison neighborhood

MADISON (WKOW) –  Madison Police are looking for suspects after they say a cross fire of more than thirty gunshots erupted in a Madison neighborhood on the city’s east side.

A spokesperson says officers responded to the 4500 block of Cottage Grove Road Sunday night and found approximately 36 shell casings, two damaged vehicles, and damage to buildings. He says one bullet into an apartment missed someone inside by no more than five feet. Authorities say from the evidence collected, it is believed that there were two sides shooting at one another.

Kim Gourley lives in the Terrace East Apartments where the gunshots rang out.

Gourley says she called 911 officers arrived on the scene. “The dispatcher said, ‘Hold on.’ He said, ‘Walk towards them.’ He said, ‘Put your hands up,’ and I said, ‘Okay.’ ”

Officers Monday collected more shell casings from the grounds of the apartment complex. A source with knowledge of the investigation tells 27 News visitors to the complex are suspected of being responsible for the gun fire.

Gourley and others say they remain confident of their security.

“But with all the kids…that’s what I worry about is the children,” Gourley says.

“(I) Will be collaborating with the Madison Police Department so we can develop solutions to improve safety for everyone, says City Councilperson Lindsay Lemmer, who represents the area. “I’ve been working with traffic engineering to increase lighting throughout the neighborhood and will prioritize this area,” she says.

The Sunday gun fire follows two incidents of gunshots last week on streets in the greater area, with an innocent bystander wounded, and several people arrested in a police sting at a duplex on Coolidge Street. A Madison Police spokesperson says there’s no information yet on any possible connection between Sunday’s incident and last week’s events.

Authorities say the Cottage Grove Road gunshots led to several people being contacted and several apartments searched. They says officers are also collecting video evidence.

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