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Walworth County mom believes son died while vaping on Halloween

WALWORTH (WKOW) — A Walworth County mother believes her 19-year-old son died while vaping, and she is speaking out to warn other parents.

Logan Tomasello, a graduate of Big Foot High School in the village of Walworth, passed away suddenly on Halloween.

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee freshman died suddenly Halloween night off campus at his sister’s east side apartment.

“He just said, ‘I gotta sit down.’ Then, (he) just literally collapsed and she kind of caught him and lowered him to the floor and he was unresponsive,” Tomasello told ABC affiliate WISN-TV in Milwaukee.

Tomasello said she knew her son vaped THC and believes he was doing it that night.

“I knew he did this, and we fought about it, and we argued about it, but at that point I said, ‘I gotta let it go, let him figure it out,’ ” Tomasello told the TV station.

She says that a few weeks before her son passed away, she sent him an article about the brothers who were caught in Kenosha County peddling counterfeit THC cartridges.

“His response to me … was, ‘I’m OK, Mom. I know how to look for tampered cartridges,” Tomasello said.

“Use my son’s death as an example, because that’s what I would have done; make sure they quit this immediately. I would not want another family to go through what we’ve been going through,” Tomasello said,

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