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Flights delayed in Madison by winter storms

MADISON (WKOW) — As thousands return home from the holiday weekend, Dane County Regional Airport was abuzz with travelers.

“You know it’s really been pretty smooth this weekend, Andrea Killian said. She was one of many flying in from Minneapolis Sunday afternoon, where they were being blanketed with snow.

She says her trip wasn’t too impacted.

“I was hearing a lot about delays and weather patterns being not so kind, I think I was kind of fortunate to be sort of with storms on either side but not in them,” Killian said.

Her flight was late heading out of Minneapolis.

“The deicing took longer than they said it was estimated a little early to land but we landed a half hour late but it’s the typical with winter,” Ashley Svenningsen was on the same flight and also said the delay didn’t impact her trip.

Not everyone was so lucky.

According to Flightaware, more than half of the flights from MSP Sunday were delayed.

Across the country more than 1,100 flights were outright cancelled.

Only one of those was at MSN.

Even flights heading back to Minneapolis were delayed.

“We’re used to it, it’s kind of part of it when you’re visiting family that lives far away,” Andy Siefert said. He had a brief stop in Madison during his holiday travel.

His biggest concerns about the trip was the arrival.

“Flew out of MSP to Indianapolis and didn’t have any problems, it’s just how much snow we’re going to have to dig out when we get back,” Siefert said. “It think it’s going to be the start of the winter season for us.”

Francisco Almenara

Reporter, WKOW

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