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Committee holds hearing on child restraint and seclusion bill

MADISON (WKOW) -- The Assembly Committee on Education is hearing arguments on a bill that would change policy regarding incidents where children are secluded or restrained at school.

Disability advocates are pushing for more transparency from school districts when students act out in class.

"I think most parents don't even know that this happens, don't know that there are such things as seclusion rooms and restraint, that there are specific holes that people are taught," said Marcia Dewey, a parent.

The proposal would force the Department of Public Instruction to track these incidents and require schools to inform parents when, and if, their child was secluded or restrained.

The bill would also require districts to update staff training on how to calm students before they become violent.

This was the second committee hearing for the bill.

Emily Friese

27 News Producer

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