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Dog falls through ice, rescued by Argyle-Adams firefighters

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dog rescue
Argyle-Adams Volunteer Fire Department rescues a dog

UPDATE (WKOW) -- Saturday, Argyle firefighters got to put their ice rescue training to the test.

"We've never, this is our first time, fortunately we've never had to save a human," Argyle Fire Chief David Soper said.

He was the first one out on the ice, trying to save Pepper, the 8-month-old German Shepard.

"He was just sitting there, I guess his name was Pepper, I guess he was just waiting for someone to come save the day," Soper said.

Pepper's owners didn't want to go on camera but said that he had been out in the back yard for about an hour before they noticed he was in the pond.

Soper said he was doing his best to keep Pepper calm but they had to break the ice more to get him free.

"I knew we were all going to go through, cause I could hear the ice breaking and then Cody goes down and I go down at the same time and the dog starts doing the old dog paddle and then away we go," he said.

After about a minute of work, they were able to pull Pepper out.

"He made is way to Cody, Cody grabbed ahold of him and then threw him out of the ice and he just took off and didn't look back," Soper said.

Pepper is doing much better after his misadventure Saturday morning, but Chief Soper said if you ever find yourself in the same situation, you should do what Pepper's owners did and wait for rescue teams to do the hard work.

"You don't realize how cold that water is and the effect it has on you along with trying to rescue your animal and trying to get out of the ice," he said. "The cold water will definitely take its toll and you're definitely risking your own life trying to save your dog."

With the warm start to winter, he said make sure to check the thickness before stepping out on the ice.

Chief Soper says they've had 4 ice rescue suits for around a decade.

Each one costs about $600.

He said around half of his 30 volunteers are trained to use the equipment and they hope this is the only rescue they'll be called to.

ARGYLE (WKOW) -- Firefighters from the Argyle-Adams Volunteer Fire Department rescued a dog after it fell through some ice on Saturday morning.

The fire department shared a video showing two firefighters venturing out onto some thin ice to rescue a dog on Facebook.

The firefighters did end up getting a little wet themselves, but they were able to free the dog and get it back to shore safely.

According to the Argyle-Adams Volunteer Fire Department, other than being a little cold the dog is doing fine.

Francisco Almenara

Reporter, WKOW

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