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Madison has higher than average number of female police officers

Madison Police Dept.
Courtesy: Madison Police Department

MADISON (WKOW) -- The Madison Police Department has more female officers than the average department.

Sgt. Meg Hamilton says while the U.S Department of Justice reports that nationwide female officers make up 12% of the workforce in local American police departments, Madison's police department is 28% female. Hamilton released the statistics in a blog post.

Sgt. Hamilton encouraged other women to join the force by saying "We are so much more than a number."

"I have worked alongside moms, grandmas, wives, partners, sisters, daughters, aunts, and nieces. I have watched the women of MPD relate to the folks we serve from our own experiences and struggles. We count amongst our ranks immigrants and 1st generation college graduates; we hold law degrees and babies, we run triathlons and tactical calls, we are LGBTQ+ and allies, we are athletes, artists, mentors, and friends. And above all, we are human beings who put on a uniform and try to make things a little better," Hamilton wrote.

She said MPD plans to recognize some of these women over the next 12 months.

Dani Maxwell

Dani Maxwell is the Content Manager for 27 WKOW.

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