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Unique sculpture in Appleton sparking debate

Appleton sculpture

APPLETON (WBAY) -- A new sculpture in Appleton is turning heads.

No matter whether people love it or hate it, it's causing a lot of conversation.

The sculpture is called "The Collective."

It's a bunch of tiny faces made of old propane tanks that form one large head.

Some people think it's a work of art. Others want it to be moved.

"This particular piece, we wanted to see it up close so we could really see the details. I think it's beautiful," said Mitzi Wilkerson.

"There's a lot of little kids that live in these surrounding houses that are terrified of this. It looks scary," said John Bunks who lives nearby.

The sculptor says his artwork is fulfilling its mission because it's sparking conversation.

The City of Appleton approved the sculpture during a months-long process, but a city committee plans to meet next month to discuss potentially moving it.


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