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Police: Man killed in Saturday shooting was 20 years old


MADISON (WKOW) -- Madison police are still searching for a suspect, after a man was shot and killed in a southwest side apartment.

It happened in an apartment complex at Raymond Road and McKenna Boulevard Saturday afternoon.

Inside one of the units, police say someone opened fire on a 20-year-old man and then took off.

Police responded just seconds after the call came in, because the apartment is across the street from the West District Police Station.

Inside they found the door cracked open and the man shot multiple times, some of those shots going in to one of the adjacent units.

Officials say the man who was shot was the only person in the apartment by the time they got there.

"He didn't live in this apartment and so why he was there, why someone came in or more than one person came in, we don't know, and killed him," Joel DeSpain, a Madison Police spokesperson said. "These are things, we're still working on."

He said the primary tenant of the unit also wasn't home at the time of the shooting, but that person has been closely cooperating with police.

Police say the shooting victim didn't live there but wouldn't say if he was a Madison resident, only saying he had connections to Chicago and Madison.

Investigators believe it was a targeted shooting, but neighbors say the situation there is tense.

"Neighbors are stopping by, they're concerned, they're calling, you know," Monica Howard, who lives in the building next to where the shooting happened, said. "Raymond Road is definitely worried about this, especially since the person is still at large and has not been found."

She says detectives have stopped by to show three mugshots, which she's recognized as being in the area recently.

However, officials haven't released any official suspect information.

They're asking anyone who may have seen anything to call Crime Stoppers at (608) 266-6014

Francisco Almenara

Reporter, WKOW

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