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Political sign ripped down multiple times from Madison woman’s home

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Bernie Sign

MADISON (WKOW) -- In a big election year, tensions seem to have risen in one Madison neighborhood.

A woman says her homemade sign supporting a presidential candidate has been ripped off her garage multiple times.

"I used to live in Alabama and we actually had Bernie yard signs and they got ripped up and taken," Ashley Hudson said.

Hudson hoped things would be different this time when she made her own sign and put it on her garage door.

"I guess I assumed that if it was on the house it would be less likely to get damaged or messed with," Hudson said. "I guess I was wrong."

She says about a week ago her landlord received complaints about the sign and, shortly after, it was ripped off the garage.

Hudson put it back up multiple times, but it kept getting torn down.

"I don't know who did it I don't know who complained but it seems kind of intentional, it seems like vandalism," she said. "Luckily they didn't cause much damage to the sign except for some of the magnets coming off.

Hudson's landlord told 27 News that he didn't have any issues with her putting the signup, just so long as it was in accordance with city ordinances.

According to a Madison ordinance having a political sign up on your private property is okay as long as it doesn't exceed 12 square feet, which her sign fit exactly.

Hudson's concerned someone's trying to suppress her free speech, similar to when a home on East Washington Avenue was targeted by vandals in November because of the homeowner's Trump flag.

"I do believe that people should have that right, it's essentially free speech," she said. "What I'm fighting for isn't just for my voice to be heard but the voices of everyone."

Now she's giving this sign to a friend but she plans to put up something else to show her support.

"I don't want to let somebody win because it's my right to have it up," Hudson said. "I'm concerned about it being vandalized so I'm trying to think about exactly what I'm going to do."

Hudson said she didn't contact the police because she had no video evidence.

Police say if your political signs are ripped up, taken down or vandalized, you can file a self-report on their website.

Francisco Almenara

Reporter, WKOW

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