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Dems say oust Trump or he’ll betray again; ‘He is who he is’


WASHINGTON (AP) -- Democratic prosecutors are warning as they close out their case in President Donald Trump's impeachment trial that he will persist in abusing his power unless Congress intervenes to remove him from office.

Rep. Adam Schiff has wrapped up the presentation by urging Republican senators to "Give America a fair trial" by ensuring witnesses are called to testify.

The president's legal team is preparing its defense, expected to start Saturday. Trump bemoaned the schedule in a morning tweet, saying it "looks like my lawyers will be forced to start on Saturday, which is called Death Valley in T.V."


WASHINGTON (AP) -- Democratic House prosecutors have made an expansive argument at President Donald Trump's impeachment trial that he abused power like no other president in history, swept up by a “completely bogus” theory about Ukrainian interference in the 2016 election.

The Democrats say that led Trump to demand that Ukraine investigate his rival Joe Biden — while he withheld crucial military aid as leverage. On Friday, the Democrats will press their final day of arguments before skeptical Republican senators on the other charge against the president, obstruction of Congress. 

Lead prosecutor Adam Schiff told senators in a late night speech, “Right matters.” Trump's defense team is waiting its turn, which will come Saturday.

Proceedings continue at noon Friday. Watch live HERE.

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