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Beloit International Film Festival brings unique movies to festival goers

(WKOW) The Beloit International Film Festival – also known as BIFF - was in part created to break up Wisconsin’s winter doldrums.

This year the BIFF will be held February 21st through March 1st.

Over the last 15 years it has grown and evolved to become one of the country’s top film festivals. One of the main goals that the festival aims to achieve is to “bring the world to Beloit, and Beloit to the world.”

"I think that the special films that we bring here are certainly not something that you’re regularly going to see on the big screen at your multiplex," Greg Gerard, BIFF executive director said.

"These are films that are first of all independent films, so they’re typically not backed by a big major motion picture company. They are hoping to maybe get some streaming distribution, which a lot of our films do after they play here, but the information and the stories that I think that you see here at BIFF in our collection of films each year delve into out-of-the-ordinary places," Gerard said.

Thousand of people attend the festival. Both filmmakers and filmgoers fill the streets of downtown Beloit, where they can also enjoy fantastic restaurants and shops, many of which are also venues for film screenings.

" If you have never been to BIFF before, I think that you should venture down and see a couple of films," Gerard said.

"There’s something about the energy that just happens downtown Beloit. People are talking about the movies, people are debating the quality of film, they’re chatting with filmmakers. I think it’s the dynamic, the atmosphere is something that is palpable," Gerard said.

"I hope people that haven’t been here will come and join us and I hope those who have been here before will come back," Gerard said.

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