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Bucks’ Pat Connaughton recruits Brewers star Christian Yelich for NBA Slam Dunk Contest

Pat Connaughton Tweet
Courtesy: Twitter / @pconnaughton

MILWAUKEE (WKOW) -- Bucks Forward Pat Connaughton took to social media on Wednesday to recruit a Wisconsin sports star for Saturday night at the NBA Slam Dunk Contest in Chicago. Connaughton is one of four selected for the annual skills competition that's a staple of NBA All Star Weekend.

Connaughton tweeted a photo of a note to Christian Yelich that read "Christian, I have a great idea! Meet me in Chicago this weekend. P.C." (Pat Connaughton)

Connaughton is considered an underdog in the competition by national pundits but if this doesn't get Bucks and Wisconsin sports fans excited for what may be in store for this weekend, then not sure what would. Of course, could Giannis and Aaron Rodgers be added to his repertoire this weekend? Tune into TNT coverage on Saturday to find out.

Matthew Cash

Senior Executive Producer

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