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Authorities search for escaped inmate convicted of killing woman’s puppy

Brandon Shearer

PORTAGE (WKOW) -- Authorities are looking for a Portage man who was convicted of killing a woman's puppy with a hammer after he didn't return to jail after leaving for work release.

The Columbia County Sheriff's Office says they're seeking the whereabouts of 32-year-old Brandon Shearer. They say Shearer was due to return to jail from work around 3 a.m. Tuesday. Shearer's last reported address is W10445 State Road 16 in Portage.

Shearer is serving a sentence until January 15, 2021, on charges of mistreating animals, disorderly conduct, battery, strangulation and suffocation, among other charges.

Shearer was sentenced in September for killing a dog. Authorities say Shearer was upset with the animal for urinating and defecating in the house.

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