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Another bobcat spotted outside a Middleton home

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MIDDLETON (WKOW) -- For the second time in the past month, what appears to be a bobcat is showing up on people's doorsteps in the Madison area.

A homeowner spotted one Friday from his doorbell camera in Middleton.

Just last month, a homeowner in Madison sent 27 News video of a bobcat seen from her home security camera.

It's not every day that someone sees a bobcat in the Dane County area.

"It's an amazing sight, if I had a bobcat going through my yard, I would be ecstatic," Jackie Sandberg, with Dane County Humane Society, said.

She says seeing a bobcat in most parts of our area is rare.

"We do see bobcats more often in the northern counties but they are certainly all around us," Sandberg said. "They're just not easy to spot and they don't come out around people or in urbanization all that often."

In her time at the Wildlife Center, Sandberg says they've rehabilitated two bobcats but not in the past 6 years.

"Both came in the same week so we have worked with them in the past but we just don't see them as often here in the southern part of Wisconsin," she said.

The viewer who sent us the new video says he's seen this bobcat around his Middleton home for the past few days.

Sandberg says the best thing to do if you see one is to avoid it.

"Leaving them be, not trying to approach them, not trying to feed them or get up close directly," she said. "We don't want anyone to get injured by thinking that they're a house cat that you can go pet."

She says it is rare that a bobcat would attack unprovoked, but they're more likely to defend themselves during the mating season in late spring and early summer.

"If you did see a bobcat, make sure that your pets are staying close, indoors if possible, and again making sure that if you have a pet dog, that it stays on leash and not accessing or getting close to the bobcat," she said.

Sandberg says mature bobcats roam in an area up to 25 square miles, "and if they're a young bobcat they wander up to about a hundred square miles so you can't really know if they'll end up being a resident in your neighborhood or not."

Sandberg said this bobcat was thin and its behavior was abnormal. She said it was moving around slowly and a bobcat around people would be moving a lot faster, so it could have a past injury.

Sandberg says another important thing to do if you see a bobcat is to call the DNR, so wildlife officials can record their locations.

According to the DNR's latest data from last fall, there are about 3,800 bobcats in the state.

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