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Getting answers: News anchor in China shares what Americans can expect in peak of COVID-19

(WKOW) -- Coronavirus is changing life quickly in American. We wanted to get answers about what could be to come as the virus progresses.

Jonathan Betz is an American working at CGTN in Beijing, China. While restrictions and disruptions still largely exist, Betz said China is finally over the peak. "It looks like China has turned a corner bringing the virus under control, the number of new infections has dropped dramatically. I think it's now in the single digits."

Betz described what life was like at its worst. "There was no movement, absolutely no movement, nothing was open. Almost everyone including me was put into quarantine. And it was hard to find supplies. It was a little hard to find food not impossible, but a little inconvenient for me. But simply nothing was working. Nobody went to work. Nobody went to school, no shops, no restaurants. "

Betz said he was hoping the U.S. would escape a mass spread of the virus, but offered advice to Americans just now dealing with the life adjustments.

"I wish I had been a little bit more prepared for all the disruptions to cancellation. The fact that I would not really be leaving my apartment very often. The fact that I would not be seeing my friends. I wouldn't be going out to eat; the normal things that I was used to and that enjoy my routines. I'm completely disrupted, completely changed, and I was not prepared for that."

He also joked that while supplies may not be easy to find at times, there's no need to hoard.

"You don't need to stock up on things. I didn't at least. I don't know why everyone's buying toilet paper"

Caroline Bach

Anchor, 27 News at 11

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