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Local swimmer’s Olympic dreams put on hold

VERONA (WKOW) -- The 2020 Olympics will now be the 2021 Olympics. Organizers announced this week they're delaying the games because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Wisconsin swimmer Beata Nelson was forced to put her dreams on hold.

"When I was really young, I used to write in all my assignments at school, 'I want to be an Olympian,' " Nelson said.

2020 was the year she would hopefully see her dream come to fruition.

"Trials were supposed to be in June, and you know I had an outside shot at a couple of events, so I was obviously hoping to swim really well and make the team," Nelson said.

But all hope was lost when the 2020 Summer Olympics were postponed until next year because of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. A decision Beata can understand.

"I was freaking out because I was only swimming once a day, and I was like there is no way I could be prepared for trials or for the games this summer if this is the training I'm getting," Nelson said. "But, I think all athletes were in the same position I was in. We had limited access, limited ability to be in a pool, so it only felt fair for them to postpone it."

While self -quarantining, Nelson is self-reflecting.

"Just imagining if one of my family members or my friends were affected directly by the virus, that it could be terrible," Nelson said. "I would never want that or wish that on anybody. There are people in the country right now or in the world who are in that position, and it's not worth any meet or any event."

When she's able to swim again, those 5 a.m. workouts won't sound nearly as bad.

"Now when I wake up at five in the morning, I'm going to be like 'let's go to the pool!'"

Karley Marotta

Weekend Sports Anchor

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