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Man claims he has COVID-19 while coughing at officer

Tyler Abraham

BRODHEAD (WKOW) – A Brodhead man faces multiple charges after claiming he had COVID-19 while coughing and spitting at an officer.

Tyler Abraham, 26, of Brodhead faces an 8th offense charge of driving on a suspended license.

In addition, Abraham is being referred to the Green County District Attorney’s Office for posssible charges of resisting arrest and obstructing, disorderly conduct, fleeing an officer in a motor vehicle, recklessly endangering safety, discharging bodily fluids at a public safety worker, and threatening to disseminate a biological agent.

The incident began last Saturday afternoon, March 21, when Brodhead Police attempted to stop Abraham's vehicle for squealing its tires and accelerating rapidly from a stop sign, according to a news release.

Police ended the chase on W. Keesey Road and S. Nelson Road in the town of Spring Valley.

Police then notified Rock County law enforcement agencies of the pursuit and were later told by Janesville police that the vehicle had been located in Janesville.

When police took Abraham into custody, he began to cough and spit toward the officer, claiming he had the coronavirus, according to a news release.

While being medically cleared before being taken to jail, Abraham vomited on the floor of the examining room and proceeded to use his foot to fling the vomit at the officer.

Abraham is currently out on bail and awaiting his initial appearance.

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