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Foster care help needed during and after COVID-19 outbreak

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(WKOW) -- Foster care help is always needed in Wisconsin, but during and after the coronavirus pandemic, experts expect more kids to enter the system.

"With kids out of school, out of extracurricular programs and activities and being home 24/7, stresses are high right now," said Jane Halpin from Community Care Resources. "Right now we're not sure what's going to happen, but we anticipate a greater need in the coming months."

And it's not just the kids at home who could be suffering, children who are currently in foster care are seeing some negative changes as well.

"Some of our foster kids are not able to see their biological parents right now. They're resorting to zoom or FaceTime or video teleconference," Joan Albright from Community Care Resources said. "That's been really hard. So our kids are missing that parental contact that they typically had, whether it was a weekly visit or an overnight on the weekend."

Halpin and Albright said it's a great time to consider being a foster parent.

"Don't be afraid to start the process. It's still going to take a few months to get licensed. But by the time you're licensed, we could very well see an increased need for more foster parents in all counties," said Halpin.

To do that, contact Community Care Resources by visiting their website or calling 800-799-0450.

Rebecca Ribley

Wake Up Wisconsin Anchor

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