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Getting Answers: Keeping your mind busy while social distancing

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MONROE (WKOW) -- With so much focus on our physical health during the coronavirus pandemic, it's easy to forget about mental health.

Dr. Jennifer Cilino-Folks works at Monroe Clinic, meeting with patients and families dealing with behavioral and mental health concerns.

She says living through a pandemic is new for everyone so we need to be patient.

"Extending ourselves and each other a little grace and understanding is going to be really important knowing that we're all kind of getting our sea legs again and trying to find what our normal for this period of time is going to be," she said.

Social distancing is one difference that might be hard to get used to, but Monroe Clinic put together a few ways to keep your mind busy.

Activities to Keep Your Mind Busy During Social Distancing

  • Listen to a podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts (free to download and listen). You can also do this while taking a walk or going for a run.
  • Bake! Following a recipe takes your mind off of your anxieties.
  • Binge watch that new series on T.V. you’ve been wanting to see. Netflix and Hulu are good, affordable options.
  • Make something. Arts and crafts are a good way to distract your brain and make something creative or useful.
  • Put on some music and begin your Spring Cleaning. Sing out loud and bust a move as you polish, dust, and sweep!
  • Visit a museum…virtually. The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, National Gallery of Art and the Guggenheim Museum all have opportunities to explore online.
  • Put together a puzzle, do a Sudoku, try a Mad Lib (free to download to your device in the Google Play Store or on Apple Apps) or a game of solitaire to expand your brain.
  • Sign up for Tik Tok (free in app stores) and create a new video!
  • Visit the Cincinnati Zoo from the comfort of your home for Cincinnati Zoo Home Safari found on Facebook. First up…Fiona the Hippo!
  • Check out a book and read- digitally. Green County Public Library offers free downloadable and audiobooks with your trusty library card.
  • Try some meditation and mindfulness (beginner guides included at the end of this list).
  • Write a letter to a family member or friend…there’s nothing like getting a good, old fashioned letter in the mail!
  • Learn magic tricks with normal household items.
  • Teach your pet a trick!
  • Photography! Try out the filters on your cell phone, pull out the DSLR, or break out your point and shoot. Spring is a great time to capture our world coming to life after a long winter and you can do it right in your own backyard.

Rebecca Ribley

Wake Up Wisconsin Anchor

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