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Getting answers: Spring allergies and coronavirus

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(WKOW) -- Spring allergies are already starting to bother some of you and it's only going to get worse as more flowers bloom and leaves grow on trees.

We asked a doctor, how do you know the difference between coronavirus symptoms and spring allergy symptoms? And should you be staying at home for allergies?

"The advice we have for individuals in the community right now is whether you have any symptoms or not, all of us should probably be approaching our daily lives as if we had COVID-19 and what would we do differently if we knew we had that disease so we didn't transmit it to others," said Dr. Jeff Pothof, UW Health Chief Quality Officer. "I think that's really the only true advice we can give people because it's really hard to tell the difference just based on symptoms whether you have COVID-19 or something else."

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Caroline Bach

Anchor, 27 News at 11

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