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Getting Answers: How much screen time is too much for kids?

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MADISON (WKOW) -- The coronavirus has forced many people to work from home, juggling professional and personal responsibilities from the same space.

Keeping an eye on the kids during this time can be a lot to handle, so many are turning to technology to keep them busy.

But how much screen time is too much? We're getting answers from Bark, a company that specializes in tools to keeps children safe online.

"If you can limit your child's screen time to two-hour chunks at a time, that's ideal," said Titania Jordan, the chief parenting officer.

Jordan said that doesn't mean two hours a day, because that's not realistic given the amount of time we are cooped up inside during the pandemic.

She said it's best to do two hours of screen time in the morning, afternoon and night with other activities in between.

The biggest concern with too much screen time is a child's health.

"They're sitting still, they're not moving. They're not engaging other aspects of their brain. It's really just intense focus," said Jordan.

But she acknowledges, there will be times when we can't stick to that two-hour rule and that's OK.

"Your child's going to be fine because this is not the norm. This is a hopefully brief period in time that we can hopefully, you know, re-calibrate afterward."

She said while we are in this unprecedented time it's important for parents to not be too hard on themselves.

"Give yourself grace. Take a deep breath," she remarked. "Just think about giving them as much variety as you can. But above all, are they fed? Are they clothed? Are they safe? Are they loved? Then you're doing all you can."

Bark has a community Facebook group for parents to come together during this difficult time.

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