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UPDATE: Crews responded to 13-year-old trapped under vehicle in Oregon

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UPDATE (WKOW) -- A 13-year-old received minor injuries after getting pinned under a vehicle on Friday.

According to the Oregon Police Department, the 13-year-old and the driver, a 17-year-old, were friends.

The 13-year-old jokingly jumped in front of the moving vehicle and was hit.

Officials say that the 13-year-old received minor injuries from the accident and was taken to the hospital.

No one else was injured in the crash.


OREGON (WKOW) -- The Oregon Police Department and EMS crews are responding to a person trapped under a vehicle.

The incident is in the 800 block of Thompson Drive in the Village of Oregon. It happened just after noon.

Dane County Communication says it was called in as a car versus a pedestrian and the person was trapped under the vehicle.

This is a developing story. Check back here for updates.

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