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Madison Museum of Contemporary Art’s store damaged, galleries unharmed


MADISON (WKOW) -- Galleries at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art (MMoCA) are unharmed after crowds got into the museum store Saturday night.

People started spray painting the building and throwing rocks through the glass.

The museum says some crowd members stole and damaged merchandise from the store and smashed several glass display shelves and cases.

Several windows on State Street were also damaged.

Officials from MMoCA say no one was able to access any galleries or artwork from the permanent collection or currently installed exhibitions. Staff members met with police Saturday night and then covered the door to the museum store with plywood and secured the building.

MMoCA also had its corporate security company on site.

During the cleanup, MMoCA says all remaining items of significant value were packed away and secured. All artwork was removed from the museum's lower-level State Street and Henry Street galleries and the lobby as a precaution.

One man, who wanted to be identified only by Edwin, says he tried to stop the violence Saturday night, asking the group not to target the spots people love so much on State Street. He says they turned on him and kicked him to the ground as he tried to fight for something he cares for.

"This city has charm, this city is beautiful and to try to destroy it .. to destroy the art and culture that we have here is wrong, and I'm glad that I was at least able to make an attempt to try to stop it," he told 27 News.

Evan Bolin

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