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Dane County executive condemns firebombing of City County Building

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Surveillance video shows a firebombing June 24 at the City County Building in Madison following a night of unrest.

MADISON (WKOW) -- Dane County Executive Joe Parisi condemned the attempted firebombing of the City County Building in downtown Madison overnight.

"What happened overnight in the heart of the city I've grown up and spent my entire life in is absolutely heartbreaking," Parisi said. "The misguided actions of a few jeopardized people's safety and well-being. Things have gone too far."

The executive specifically called out a fire bomb thrown into the City County Building. "A firebomb tossed through windows of the City County Building (CCB) landed near Dane County's 911 Center, the lifeline for all of our county's residents in the event of an emergency," Parisi said.

Dispatchers evacuated from the primary 911 center and moved to the county's back-up area.

Sheriff's Deputies put out the flames which began near boxes of paper, according to Parisi.

"The recklessness of throwing a firebomb into the CCB could have resulted in a human tragedy," Parisi said. "A spreading fire in the City County Building could endanger the lives of dozens of young people in the juvenile corrections center and the 180 inmates of the Dane County Jail who reside in the CCB."

The executive made clear his support for demonstrations against police violence. "Let me be clear: the violence against unarmed African Americans across this nation is absolutely deplorable."

Protests sparked Tuesday evening at the arrest of a protest organizer by Madison police. From nightfall into the next morning, vandals tore down statues around the Capitol and assaulted a state senator.

Parisi ended his statement with a call for a different approach. "All of us must look within ourselves and within our systems and do the hard work needed to bring about change, but setting fire to buildings filled with people will not get us to that place."

JT Cestkowski

Social Media Content Producer/Desk Editor

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